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5 Things You Need to Get Rid Of Right Out of College

The transition between college and the “real world” can be extremely difficult. It’s emotionally draining to go from being a college student to instant adulthood with actual responsibilities. It is a leap to dropping college habits and adapting more sophisticated ones. Part of the transition after college includes moving from a dorm/sorority house to your first real apartment. Make sure…

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Check Out My Favorite Peel & Stick Wallpaper

Happy Monday! As most of us know, there are some limitations to living in a rented space. You usually aren’t allowed to paint and you most definitely can’t put up real wallpaper. The #1 priority of this blog is to show you how to overcome those “limitations” associated with a  rented home. Today, I’m discussing how to circumvent the restriction…

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The 3 Rituals You Need to Incorporate in Your Morning Routine

Did you know you spend 1/3rd of your life in your bedroom? This space shouldn’t just be a place to sleep, but a sanctuary where you unwind & relax. Unfortunately for some, the bedroom is actually a carrier of stress & anxiety due to disorganization and mess. Following the morning rituals below will ensure the increase of tidiness and a…

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Low-Maintenance House Plants That are Great for Urban Living

Last week, I bought myself my first house plant. The reason I waited so long is because I was always under the assumption that plants needed constant care and attention. One day while browsing through Home Depot (my weekly regimen), I found myself walking through the garden section. I saw a tag on a plant that said low light and…

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Mistakes You’re Making When Searching for an Apartment

Did you know two thirds of young adults rent homes versus own? A majority of these young adults rent apartments which makes sense considering apartments generally cost less than houses. Anyone from a large city, such as NYC, knows the extraordinary pain of trying to find an apartment to rent. Not only are the rents unbelievably high, but apartments sometimes…

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