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The Biggest Mistake You’re Making When You Move

Hey everyone! Now that moving is on the horizon for me, I’ll be talking about the subject more often on the blog. We ALL have had to move at some point in our lives. Whether it’s moving to another home, from a college dorm, or to a new city, moving is always stressful!! From packing to unpacking, item breakage, fickle emotions…

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The One Crucial Place You’re Not Utilizing for Storage

Happy Friday, everyone! Most of you who read my blog live in smaller spaces (like me) and are in need of a total storage u-haul. Many of us struggle to find usable space to store our clothes, decorations, utilities and any other miscellaneous items we have. Luckily, there’s a solution (to some of your storage issues) that you’ve probably never…

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Rental Kitchen Makeover for ONLY $70

Hi everyone! What a busy week it’s been! I know it’s taken forever for me to post this, but here is my official first YouTube video: When it comes to the kitchen, many renters feel like they have no power in terms of making that specific space their own. I wanted to prove that you can turn a rented space…

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The Instant Trick to Making Your Dresser More Glamorous

Happy Thursday, everyone! Let’s be honest: We all love a touch of glam in our space. My #1 trick to incorporating more glam into a home is adding mirrors. Because almost all of us keep a mirror over our dresser, the trick to “glamifying” the space is using an oversized mirror. This will create the illusion of luxury, more light,…

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Organizational Tips for Tiny Bedrooms

Happy Monday, everyone! I know I’ve said this before, but I am SO sorry I’ve only been posting once a week. I normally like to post 2-3 times a week, but I have been beyond slammed with this book coming out. Once August rolls around, I’ll be back to posting the regular two times a week 🙂 Today, I wanted…

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