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Will You Vote For Me In The Amara Awards?

Hi everyone! I have some pretty rad news today.. I was nominated for best newcomer blog for the 2018 Amara Interior Blog Awards! WOO HOO! I can’t even begin to explain how honored and excited I am about this. I started my blog in April of 2017 and never in a MILLION years did I think I would be where…

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5 Things All Renters Should Be Doing

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to discuss some things ALL renters should do in their homes. I know I discuss this in my upcoming book, but it truly surprises me how many renters leave their spaces bland and boring. I went to my friends house the other day and aside from a black sofa and black coffee table, there was…

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Glam Furniture Under $100

Hey everyone! What a busy few weeks it’s been… When living in a city like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, etc., it’s hard to budget in ANYTHING after paying rent. I mean, rent is usually thousands of dollars per month when you live in a large, metropolitan city. It still gives me the shakes every time I think about it!…

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The Biggest Mistake You’re Making When You Move

Hey everyone! Now that moving is on the horizon for me, I’ll be talking about the subject more often on the blog. We ALL have had to move at some point in our lives. Whether it’s moving to another home, from a college dorm, or to a new city, moving is always stressful!! From packing to unpacking, item breakage, fickle emotions…

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