The 3 Rituals You Need to Incorporate in Your Morning Routine

Did you know you spend 1/3rd of your life in your bedroom? This space shouldn’t just be a place to sleep, but a sanctuary where you unwind & relax. Unfortunately for some, the bedroom is actually a carrier of stress & anxiety due to disorganization and mess. Following the morning rituals below will ensure the increase of tidiness and a decrease of stress in your space:

Make your bed:

Did you know it’s scientifically proven that the appearance of your space has an effect on your mood? Making your bed every morning is a structure that will create an aura of tidiness and relaxation. When you get home from work, all you’ll want to do is jump right into your comfy, beautifully made bed!

Clear off your nightstand and dresser:

The appearance of a mess, even a small one, can create a significant amount of situational anxiety. If you walk into your room at the end of a long day and all you see are messy surfaces & disorganization, all you’re going to think about are the chores you need begin. Prevent this situational anxiety by clearing off your surfaces in the morning after you get ready. Put all your hair products away and clear off the items on your nightstand.

Put clothes away: 

All women are the same when it comes to getting ready in the morning: We try on different outfits and 15 minutes later there’s a mountain of fabric covering the floor, the bed or a chair. No one wants to come home to a mountain of shirts and pants piled up! As previously mentioned, all this, also, is going to do is create angst when coming home from work. Prevent this feeling by putting all your clothes away after you’ve tried them on. Don’t have time for that? Put a miscellaneous basket somewhere in your room. This allows you to store your items out-of-sight until you have the time to put everything back where they belong.


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