5 Must-Have Items in Your Bathroom

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Whether you’re living in a small studio apartment or a large house, you’re going to want to have a nice bathroom for your guests to use. In the next few weeks, I’ll blog about how to stylize a rented bathroom, but in the meantime, I have compiled a list of the 5 must-have items everyone should have in their restroom:

Learn how to decorate your rental bathroom ##bathroomdecor #bathroomideas #rentalbathroom #rentaldecorating #rentalapartmentdecorating #smallapartmentdecorating #smallapartmentideas

    1. White towels: Nothing will make your bathroom feel more spa-like than fresh, white towels. Keep towels on display and easily accessible for guests. Also, make sure to roll instead of fold.
    2. Bottle of nice lotion: It’s always nice to keep a full bottle of lotion in your bathroom for guests to use after they wash their hands or get out of the shower. Trust me, your guests will really appreciate it!
    3. Epsom salt: These are a lifesaver. Whether you’re feeling stressed after a hard day’s work or sore after a long run, epsom salt is the answer. It can decrease muscle soreness and increase relaxation instantly. Just pour them into a bath and soak for at least 30 minutes. It’s that easy!
    4. Flowers: Every room can benefit from flowers- Not only are they relaxing but they are beautiful to look at as well! I shared some insight last week on why flowers are essential to your home.
    5. Lux Hand Towels: Always keep nice, soft hand towels out for you and your guests to use. Not having hand towels out means that your guests will wipe their hands on your bath towels and you definitely don’t want that!


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I hope this post has been helpful and please feel free to leave any questions or comments in the comment section below! I’ll make sure to link all resources in the Shop section.
xo, Chelsey

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