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DIY: How to Add Limewash/Venetian Plaster to Your Rental Apartment


This is probably my most-requested DIY from my new apartment – so here we go! (and yes, I know I haven’t done an official apartment reveal yet – but I am still waiting for a few more items to be delivered!)

This tutorial is renter-friendly, easy, and CHIC.

First, I suggest doing this to the entire room vs only an accent wall. This will create the most dramatic effect.

What you will need:

Literally, all this tutorial is just layering. That’s it. It’s basically just painting spackle over the wallpaper to create a plaster look, and then painting over the spackle once it dries.

Why not only use wallpaper?

Well, the wallpaper online looks OK from far away, but up close, it looks like … wallpaper. When you add the spackle and paint, it gives the wall the same dimension as Venetian plaster or limewash.

First, I applied the wallpaper as instructed. This specific removable wallpaper required a spray bottle of water to induce the adhesive, so it was a bit more time-consuming than regular peel & stick.

Next, I randomly applied joint compound within inches of each other in different strokes and motions to look organic. I suggest using a joint compound that goes on pink and turns white when dried.

Once the compound is dry, that’s when you paint over it. The paint I used was, , but you can really use any paint that’s within or contracts the natural tone of the wallpaper.

And there you have it! Will you be trying this out in your own home?

xx Chelsey

How to add or DIY lime wash or Venetian plaster in a rental apartment

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