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DIY: How to Make a Pendant Light from a Lampshade

Happy almost-2021, everyone! What. a. YEAR.  I thought I would wrap this year off with another (SUPER EASY) DIY for you queens. This tutorial is perfect for anyone who needs extra light in their home or wants to add some bonus character without breaking the budget.


I bought this stunning lampshade at a thrift shop and knew I needed to highlight it in some way. So of course, I immediately started researching ways I could turn it into a chic pendant light.

Here is what you will need to recreate this look in your own home:

1. Ceiling hook

2. Spider lampshade (mine is vintage!)

3. Plug-in swag adapter (this kit comes with a hook)

4. 150 W bulb

The specific converter kit I linked allows you to convert any spider lampshade into a hanging swag pendant light in seconds. All you need to do is install the hook where you want your light to hang from. If you live in a rental, you’ll need to get permission from your landlord to drill into the ceiling. I do not recommend using any removable hooks on your ceiling as a precaution. If you are not sure how to install the hook, I highly recommend hiring a Task Rabbit to help!

Once your hook is installed, it’s super easy to attach the swag adapter to your lampshade and then attach it to the hook. It’s that simple! This converter kit is specifically made for spider lampshades, which is why it’s so easy to work with.

Again, this DIY is so useful for anyone needing a bit of extra light in their home or just wants to add a feature statement.


Will you be trying this DIY out in your own home? Let me know down below!

Want to turn your lampshade into a pendant light or chandelier? Look no further! Here is an easy tutorial on how to turn your lampshade into a DIY pendant light lamp within 30 minutes. #diypendantlight #diychandelier #diychandelierideas

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