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DIY: How to Make a Temporary Fluted Wall Treatment

I’ve been getting a ton of requests on Insta and TikTok to do this tutorial, so here we go! I haven’t done a tutorial for this project yet because of how straightforward and easy it is… so fair warning, this post will be a short one.

Adding a fluted texture to your wall can make your room go from meh 🥱  to WOWZA 😮 The best part? It’s completely temporary.


All you need is:

  1. Foam half-moon dowels
  2. Command strips
  3. Paint (whatever color you want but I linked what I used)
  4. Paintbrush
  5. A level (optional but I recommend it if you want your dowels to be even)

The first step is to paint your dowels ANY color you want. The foam dowels are already primed, meaning you don’t have to do anything other than paint them. I would suggest using two coats, but it’s really up to you!

After letting your dowels dry (I recommend at least 5 hours), flip them over and place 3 command strips on the back of each one.

Next, just hang them out however you like on your wall! I hung them vertically next to my TV, but you can also adjust them horizontally or even diagonally. That’s the beauty of this project, you can design this feature HOWEVER you want!


If you try this tutorial out for yourself, make sure to tag me on Insta so I can see the result!

XO, Chelsey

Learn how to create a fluted or dowel wall panel DIY with this easy tutorial!

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