Easy Ways to Add Instant Storage to Common Areas

When you’re living with someone else, whether that be a roommate or significant other, space is always at a premium, especially in shared areas. Here are some easy ways to make enough space for the both of you … and your beloved belongings:

Adding floor lights that have shelves built into them

I know this seems quirky, but it’s actually so trendy and functional! Whether you use the shelves for decor or storage, this item is a must-have for any smaller space, especially with a roommate.

Hiding items in-between furniture (such as your sofa and wall)

This is one of my favorite go-to tips for hidden storage. From storing clothes to artwork and decor, utilizing the space in-between and even behind furniture is key. You’d be surprised how much you can fit in these tiny crevasses! For example, I keep all of my art stored behind my leaning mirrors.

Switching out furniture to furniture with storage built into it

Furniture-turned-storage is key for any small space. Whether it’s an ottoman with storage built into it or a sofa that lifts up to reveal empty space, you can find so many options on the market.


Utilizing the space under your coffee table for baskets

Your coffee table can be utilized for more than just food, drinks, and books. Slide a few baskets under your coffee table and ta-da, you have chic storage that also acts as decor!

Live in a small apartment? Struggle with finding enough storage or organizing? This is one place you’re definitely not utilizing for storage, but should!

Will you be trying any of these tips out in your own home?

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