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Furniture from Amazon You Didn’t Know You Needed

Is it just me or is everyone else spending money they don’t need to right now? I think I’ve purchased more clothes over the past month than I did in 2019 all together LOL. I’ve also been spending a LOT of time on Amazon, and just realized I haven’t done my quarterly “Amazon finds” blog post yet. I’ve been browsing around Amazon for weeks now searching for pieces for my new apartment, and I found SO many chic products. I figured I would share all the super cute, inexpensive products I’ve been bookmarking with you 🙂

I actually already bought the blush/gold stool (below) and I LOVE IT! (sorry for the crappy iPhone photo) It’s perfect for an extra place to sit or a place to put your feet up. I’m not purchasing the rest of the products I am recommending below just because: 1. I am taking a lot of the furniture with me from my previous apartment and 2. I am investing a bit more $$ into my next place. If you want to see the pieces I am purchasing for my next home, definitely let me know!

Check out the budget-friendly products below and let me know your thoughts!

Blue stool / Blush stool / Ghost chair / Rug / Lamp / Coffee Table / Nightstand

I still stand by my golden rule that you shouldn’t spend too much $$ on items you’re going to be using a lot. I also talk about this in my upcoming book, Rental Style. Items like coffee tables, nightstands, rugs, and chairs are going to dirty REAL quick, especially in a smaller space. HOWEVER, if you do have the cash to go out and splurge a little, there’s totally nothing wrong with that! However, if you’re just starting off right out of college and heading into your first real, apartment, you might want to consider buying cheap furniture like the ones I listed above.

Will you be purchasing any of these items? Let me know down below!

XO, Chelsey

These glam, cheap furniture items from Amazon will blow you & your house guests away. From chic decor to stunning velvet chairs, you’ll be shocked with how budget-friendly these things are! #furnituredesign #furnitureideas #affordablefurniture #affordablefurnitureideas #amazon #thingstobuyonamazon

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