Glam Furniture Under $100

When living in a city like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, etc., it’s hard to budget in ANYTHING after paying rent. I mean, rent is usually thousands of dollars per month when you live in a large, metropolitan city 😱

It still gives me the shakes every time I think about it! Today, I wanted to share some budget friendly furniture that’s not only under $100, but will also seamlessly fit into your small space. Oh and the best part? It all looks like a million bucks 😉


If you’re in the market for a rug, why not try to layer two of them? It may cost a bit more, but it’ll be worth it in the long run. You’ll have a statement feature no one else will have! Also, if most of your room is neutral, you can go for a colorful rug to add a dramatic pop to your space.


If you live in a smaller space, small ottomans or stools are great options for extra seating. They are small enough to properly fit in almost all spaces and can be used for multi-functional purposes.


Obtaining that “glam” look in your space is easier than you thought! Metallics like silver and gold can give your space that glam upgrade on a super low budget. Don’t have room for a coffee table? Invest in a side table for some extra surface area.


If you’re going to get a headboard, make sure you have the right bed frame! If your bedframe doesn’t support a headboard, you can always find extensions online.

Most of the options above are also 2-3 day shipping which makes the price even x10 better! Do you love to budget-buy? What are your favorite resources?


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