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My Guidelines for Decorating a Chic Bar Cart

I believe every girl should have a bar cart in her home. Not only is it super chic, but it’s super functional as well. A bar cart saves space in your cabinets and can also be a place to store and showcase your alcohol / glasses. Follow these 4 guidelines to decorating a bar cart and I can guarantee it will be one of the highlights of your home:

1. Display your nice glasses on the top shelf and the actual alcohol on the bottom:

The top shelf of any bar cart is going to be the first thing people see. You want it to look stylish and draw peoples’ attention to it. If you’re having an actual party, you can keep a bottle or two of alcohol on top for functionality. I usually leave my alcohol out in the kitchen during a party since my bar cart is conveniently located right next to it. 

2. Always keep straws out:

This isn’t something one normally thinks about when decorating a bar cart but it is SO key! Not only do cute straws add to the décor; they add an insane amount of functionality. I constantly go through packs of straws. No girl wants to ruin her lipstick right? This is a small extra that your girly guests will love AND highly appreciate! 

3. Invest in cute cocktail napkins:

OK when I say invest I mean just spend the extra $2 to buy chic napkins. Your bar cart is essentially a feature piece and every item on it counts. A great place to buy cute napkins is HomeGoods, Amazon or Target! 

4. Keep the accessories on the top shelf:

The accessories include: Wine opener, bottle opener, wine stoppers and a shaker. These not only add to the décor of your cart but they allow easy access for you and your guests. 

Chic Bart Cart Accessories Under $20


Glam Bar Carts on a Budget

And there you have it! I hope this post has been helpful and feel free to leave any questions or comments below. All resources will be posted in the shop section.


xo, Chelsey

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