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How to Design a Spacious Living Room in a Tiny Apartment

Living in a studio or small apartment can have its upsides … and downsides. When living in a studio or small apartment, one of the biggest struggles for people is decorating an inviting living room without making it feel cramped. Today, I am sharing four fail-proof ways of creating the living room of your dreams in a super small space.

Using acrylic to create the illusion of space

This is one trick I’ll always live by. Lucite or acrylic furniture will always create the illusion that your space is more open than it actually is. Lucite vases, chairs, and tables are great options for small apartments. An acrylic coffee table can make your living space INSTANTLY feel less cluttered. The best part about lucite is that it can practically go with any interior style AND it’s super easy to care for.

Floating furniture to create a dedicated area

I know I mentioned this in a recent post, but it doesn’t hurt to double-share information 🙂 Your first instinct in a smaller apartment is usually to place furniture against a wall. However, dividing the space using a sofa can allow the eye to see the living space as a completely separate area. I always suggest floating a sofa (when you can) and using the space behind for a console table or desk. Additionally, this little trick makes your space feel so much more polished and inviting!

Mindfully decorating to draw people in

Only have a sofa, coffee table, media console, and TV in your space? You’re doing it wrong! Adding elements such as flowers, books, and small accents can take your living area to the next level. Decorating can make your space feel so much more inviting and cozy, which is exactly what you and your guests want! Try throwing in a funky disco ball and switching out the hardware on your media console- it’ll make all the difference. Please be careful with not over cluttering. This can instantly make your space feel cramped and unappealing to look at or be in!

Decorating a living room in a small apartment or studio apartment can be challenging, but not impossible! You can achieve your dream living room in a tiny apartment with these four tips that include living room ideas and living room decor ideas to make a living room feel so much cuter and larger! It also includes how to decorate a TV wall and the trick to designing a living room in a small space.

Using neutrals as your bases

In a smaller home, using creative tricks to make your space feel larger is a necessity. Natural colors such as whites, grays, and tans can make your space feel so much larger. Love color? No worries! You can add pops of color through your accents and decor (pillows, vases etc.) Your bases are large pieces of furniture such as your sofa and media console.


And there you have it! Using these tips will help you create a chic and inviting living room in a smaller home.

XO, Chelsey

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