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How to Decorate for the Holidays Without a Tree

Happy almost-December! Today, I want to talk about ways you can decorate for the holidays WITHOUT having a tree. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to decorate this year due to my move, so I am using some photos from last year. To be honest, I would decorate the exact same way this year anyways?

Living in a small rental has its challenges, and one of them includes not having space for a proper tree. However, you can still add Christmas cheer into your space with a few simple touches! If you’re decorating this year, I highly recommend using Wayfair to source your holiday accents. There are so many budget-friendly and modern options to choose from this year (and the 2-day shipping doesn’t hurt either!).

First off, make sure to keep it simple. DO NOT over-clutter your space. This will make it feel smaller and messy.

1. Utilize the surface space you do have

Whether that be your coffee table, dresser or nightstand, small accents CAN make a huge difference in the look of your space. If you have ornaments you want to hang but no space for a tree, get a plush garland to hang your ornaments from. Simply layering the garland over a piece of furniture can create the festive look you’re striving for in your space. And no fireplace, no problem! You can still utilize stocking hooks by placing them on furniture such as a console, desk or dresser!

2. Add decorations to your mirrors

We ALL have mirrors in our home, and it’s important to take advantage of them for the holidays! The top of a mirror is a fabulous place to display your favorite wreath.

3. Incorporate lights wherever possible

Whether that be tiny string lights or outdoor Christmas lights, try to utilize them wherever you can in your space, whether that be the top of your curtains or even in a small glass vase. You can even hang them on that wreath we talked about before ☺️

Long story short: Simple IS better when living in a smaller space. Light touches of holiday spirit can go a LONG way in a tiny space. Still desperate for a tree? Think about investing in a smaller one that can fit on your coffee or console table. Wayfair is one of my favorite resources to find modern, festive accents. Check out the links below for some chic, holiday inspo!

1. Magnolia Leaves Garland // More Garlands & Swag – 2. Hydrangea Grapevine Lighted Wreath // More Wreaths – 3. 3-Piece Tree Decor // More Christmas Decorations – 4. Faux Fur Stocking // More Christmas Stockings – 5. Disco Ball Ornament // More Christmas Ornaments – 6. Clear 100 String Lights // More Christmas Lights – 7. Douglas Fir Garland // More Christmas Trees – 8. Reindeer Stocking Holder Set // More Stocking Holders – 9. Christmas Stocking // More Solid Christmas Stockings

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