I’m Moving

Heads up – this is more of a personal post vs an educational one, so skip it if you don’t want to be bored out of your mind!

In the summer, 2018, I’ll be finally moving into my own studio. Although I already know I’m moving, I won’t know the exact location until (at maximum) a month before. Manhattan real-estate is weird!

By the time I move, I will have been living in this apartment for exactly 3 years. Crazy, right? Even though I’ll miss it terribly, I am definitely ready for a change. I’ll be giving away/selling a lot of my furniture including the couch, coffee table, TV stand, mirrored cabinet, bench, headboard, most of the wall mirrors and some of the decor. I’m excited to make a fresh start with all new bases. I will definitely be keeping my leaning mirror, antique wall mirror, étagère ,my sleep number bed and most of the artwork.

It will be a peculiar transition to go from having a roommate to living alone, but I definitely think I am ready. How have any of you coped with leaving great roommates? I’ll miss always having someone to hang out with and vent to. (haha!) But living alone will only push me to start having people over more often.

I’m hoping for a dedicated space to work and somewhere I can store all of my video equipment in my next apartment. I’m such a nerd!

I wanted to let everyone know my situation just incase anyone was wondering why I haven’t made any recent interior changes to the apartment.

I’ll keep you all updated as the months go on! If anyone has any advice on moving, let me know down below!

xo, Chelsey



xo, Chelsey

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