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How to Instantly De-Clutter Your Living Room

I know how hard it is to keep everything organized, especially if you’re living in a smaller space. You clean one day and a day later everything is complete chaos. Through living and learning, I’ve found the perfect balance between style AND functionality and I’m here to tell you how to achieve it too!

Raise your hand if you’ve ever lost the remote. I might not be able to see you but I know there are some hands up in the air right now! Most of us leave our remotes somewhere on the couch or coffee table. After years of loosing my remotes between seat cushions and under tables, I knew I needed an alternative solution. The key is to have a dedicated spot for them: Find a cute, small jar, bin or container that is solely dedicated for remote controls. Keep this container either on your coffee table or somewhere near your TV. After a few days or weeks, you’re going to subconsciously put the remotes back into that dedicated spot.

Another problem a lot of people have in their living room is clothing clutter. What I mean by this is all of the shoes, jackets, socks and other miscellaneous clothing items that slowly appear over time in this particular area of the home. The trick for this is to keep a small/ medium sized miscellaneous bin in the living room. This is now where all of those items will go – and as soon as it’s filled to the top you know it’s time to clean it out. I also use this method in my bedroom! It’s great for those lazy days when you just don’t want to put any clothes back in the closet!

My next trick for a de-cluttered living room is hiding chords with decor. It’s amazing how much cleaner a room can feel without a bunch of black, ugly chords in sight! Find a cute piece of decor or even use a picture frame or two to hide TV chords. I promise this will make a world of difference!



And there you have it! I hope this post has been helpful and feel free to leave any questions or comments below. All resources will be posted in the shop section.

xo, Chelsey

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