Items You Should and Shouldn’t Invest in for Your Bedroom

Happy Wednesday everyone! Sorry I never posted on Monday – been slammed at work with projects. I promise there will still be two blog posts this week 🙂

Today, I want to talk about items to invest in for the bedroom. I know I’ve written a post about this already, but that was primarily focused on the entire home. When living in a rented space, it’s important to know what items you should or shouldn’t put extra cash into. Check out the items you should and shouldn’t invest in for your bedroom below:

Mattress: Invest. You sleep 1/3rd of your life. You want to make sure that you find a mattress that’s not only comfortable, but will last through the years. I invested in a Sleep Number and by far it’s been one of my favorite purchases.

Sheets: Invest. Quality bed linens can mean the difference between a restful night and a night spent tossing and turning. I have Sleep Number sheets and they are a dream! This also applies for duvet covers.

Throw Blanket: Do not invest. A throw blanket will primarily just be used for decoration and maybe an extra layer at night when cold. This is definitely an item you don’t need to spend hundreds on. Head to your local HomeGoods or Amazon to find amazing bargans on high-quality throws.

Throw Pillows: Do not invest. Throw pillows are used often and will eventually get dirty over time. Buy new, cheap throw pillows/ pillow covers at discount stores or Amazon.

Duvet: Invest. I know duvets are crazy expensive, but the fill of your duvet is SO important. I recommend getting a pure down duvet. Nothing will beat the comfort and it will be nice and cozy during the winter!

Headboard: Either/or. I chose not to invest in my headboard because I wasn’t in love with anything I found. If you DO fall in love with a bed frame or headboard, you can definitely invest as long as you know you won’t be changing bed sizes anytime soon.

Wall art: Invest. Wall art is rarely touched which means the likelihood of it getting damaged is slim. Art is something you can take with you from place to place and even pass down to future generations. Make sure to opt for neutral art for the bedroom!

Area Rug: Do not invest. I think this goes without saying. Your rugs are going to get dirty overtime no matter how often you clean. It’s also not realistic to have people take of their shoes every time they come into your apartment. It’s silly to spend hundreds of dollars on a nice rug when it’s just going to get ruined over a period of a few months. The best way to go is to buy a new, cheap rug once a year.


I hope you enjoyed this post and feel free to leave comments or questions below!

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