Items You Should Switch Out When Moving Into a New Rental

Today I wanted to discuss the oh-so-fun topic of moving into a rental. The whole reason I started this blog was that there wasn’t enough resources /information out there about designing rented-spaces. I would go to friend after friend’s apartments and every single one of them kept their apartment bland and bare with simple matching Ikea furniture and cheap-looking gaudy decor on the walls 😭

Moving into a rented space? These are the items you must switch out when you move into your new home! #rentalhomedecorating #rentaldecorating #rentalapartmentdecorating #smalllivingroomideas #smallapartmentdecorating #smallapartmentideas

Their reasoning for it? “It’s only a temporary home.” This answer truly bothers me because you can and should turn your rented space into a home that you are proud of.

When moving into a new rental, there are 4 items you should instantly switch out to give it an instant upgrade and make it more personalized. Check them out below:

1. Hardware

I know I’ve mentioned this before on the blog but I’ll say it again – switch out your hardware! Usually, landlords will install unflattering hardware because of the price point. Switching out cabinetry knobs and handles can immediately give your space a chic, modern upgrade.

Moving into a rented space? These are the items you must switch out when you move into your new home! #rentalhomedecorating #rentaldecorating #rentalapartmentdecorating #smalllivingroomideas #smallapartmentdecorating #smallapartmentideas

2. Blinds and curtains

Raise your hand if you’ve ever rented an apartment with stunning blinds already installed ?? I can’t see you, but I know no one is holding up their arm. Switching out the blinds/curtains in your space can instantly make your home feel like yours.

3. Showerhead

I know this is a weird one but hear me out: Usually, landlords will install low-pressure shower heads to conserve water. This is NOT good for us ladies! You’ll feel thankful AND more relaxed once you’ve switched to a high-pressure head.

4. Light fixtures

Switching out your ceiling light fixtures can create a dramatic transformation to your space with minimal effort. The bets placed to find affordable light fixtures are Home Depot and Amazon.

Make sure to keep all the original items so you can switch them back once you move out. Have you done any of these things in your rented space? Let me know down below!

xo, Chelsey

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  1. I switched out the kitchen light, hall light, kitchen faucet, and the main thing is the toilet. It was old and practically sat you on the floor. Not good with bad knees. I also put plantation shutters at my living room and bedroom windows. These windows are the full widith of the rooms and look like a cheap motel window without blinds. I also have a new window AC in the trunk of my car to have maintenance install. I learned years ago to decorate your apt or rental house as if it was a home you bought.