Why You Should Keep a File Cabinet in Your Home


This is an object I know most of you don’t have anywhere in your house. It’s not something fancy or glam, but I can promise you that it’s well worth your money to invest in one. The key to a happy and healthy home is organization. Bins and baskets are a few great ways to organize miscellaneous items laying around your home, but we can’t forget about our files.

We ALL have documents and pieces of paper we don’t know what to do with. Bills, instructions, receipts, coupons, etc.. end up being pilled together in a drawer or an unused cabinet. By the time you end up actually needing a certain document, you can never find it! A file cabinet or file system will drastically make your life feel more organized and less stressed.

The file categories I have are bills, apartment related documents, instructions, miscellaneous, medical, receipts and travel.


I hope this (short) post has been helpful and please feel free to leave any questions or comments in the comment section below! All resources will be in the Shop section.
xo, Chelsey

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