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How to Turn Furniture Gold…Without Paint!

There are so many restrictions when it comes to living in a rented space. For starters, doing any permanent renovations is a big no-no. The apartment you eventually move out of should look the exact same as it did when you moved in.

Along those lines, it’s almost impossible to do any DIY involving paint in a rented apartment. There’s no outdoor space and it would be too risky to paint inside of a small area with limited access to fresh air.

There are endless gold DIY tutorials out there. I would love to have the ability to try all these fabulous tutorials, but unfortunately, it’s just not realistic. I’ve made it my mission over the last few months to find creative ways to achieve “DIY” status living in a rented space and I’m happy to announce I’ve finally found the answer! Check out my how-to below to creating that gold look WITHOUT the mess.


T A P E is the answer renters have been waiting for! I did a little experiment and used metallic tape to create gold legs on two of the accent chairs in my living room. It came out looking fabulously! You would never be able to tell it was just tape.

Not only was this a no-mess project but it took only an hour from start to finish. I cut equal-sized pieces of tape (about 3 inches) and slowly laid the tape on the surface. The key is to side one finger down from the top of the tape to the bottom to prevent any creases. This method can be used for ANY type of furniture: Bookcases, etageres, chairs, tables etc…






Hopefully this fun and easy alternative will help renters-in-small-spaces get their DIY groove back. Let me know if you have any comments or questions below!

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