How Often Should I Clean My Home?

Whether you’re living in a small apartment in the city or a large home out in the suburbs, cleaning is definitely going to be a part of your weekly routine. I’m sure there have been times whereby you’ve googled how often you should change your sheets or wondered when the right time is to clean your kitchen cabinets. I’ve created some simple guidelines to follow in terms of what to clean and how often it should be done:

  • Kitchen Counters: These should be cleaned every time you cook a meal. Even if you don’t think you made a mess, it’s still important to wipe down your surfaces due to sticky residue you might not see. Not wiping down surfaces right after preparing a meal can lead to mold, germs, bugs and even damage to your counters.
  • Kitchen Cabinets: I suggest cleaning your cabinets and pantry once a month. Leaving that open bag of chips on the top shelf for months can lead to nasty critters coming to snack!
  • Floors: Like counters, your kitchen floor should be swept after cooking or preparing a meal. If you do spill anything, it will need attention right away. In terms of wiping down the rest of the floors in your home, I like to use a wet mop every week. In terms of vacuuming, I think it’s important to vacuum at least once a week. It’s amazing how much dust and hair carpets can attract!
  • Vacuum: OK I know this sounds crazy but you need to clean your vacuum sometimes! When you notice that your filter is full, remove all the dirt and then run the filter under lukewarm water. Wait until the filter is 100% dry before inserting it back into the vacuum. Only wash your filter if the user guide says it is washable.  If your vacuum has a bag, empty it when it is almost full. In addition, cut the hair out of the brush every few months. I know it’s gross but it will make your vacuum way more efficient.
  • Fridge: This is something people continuously forget about cleaning. You MUST clean out your fridge at least once a month. We all end up forgetting about that one bag of lettuce or package of meat that ends up rotten and makes the fridge smell disgusting. Remove everything from your fridge, wipe down your shelves and throw away your expired foods!
  • Bathtub: Clean your bathtub/ shower at least once a week unless you start seeing that brown ring form on the bottom. The trick to cleaning mold is to use Tilex!
  • Toilet: I recommend cleaning your toilet(s) once a week. Sometimes I like to clean my own toilet twice a week due to it being the only one in the apartment. It gets lots of visitors!
  • Bed Sheets: Clean your sheets, comforter or duvet cover at least once a week. I know this sounds like a lot, but please keep in mind how much bacteria and dead skin seeps into your sheets and pillowcases. In fact, it’s known that we shed a million skin cells per day. Who wants to sleep in that?
  • Throw blankets: I recommend cleaning these at least once a month if they aren’t used frequently. Use a throw blanket every night? Wash it once a week like you do your sheets.


And there you have it! Hope this post has been helpful and feel free to leave comments or questions below. All resources will be in the shop section.

xo, Chelsey


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