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How to Style With Books

If someone had to ask me my favorite staple decor, it would definitely be books. No home is complete without a good set of “coffee table books” to display. Many people have the illusion that books are meant for just coffee tables and bookshelves; however, they can also be displayed many different ways. Check out my how-to below on ways…

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How to Prepare for Weekend Guests in a Small Apartment

Having friends or family members visit for the weekend is always exciting. However, getting the home ready for their arrival can be stressful. From bathroom necessities to pantry must-haves, check out my list below to help prepare for weekend guests: Prepare clean towels:  Make sure to have clean bath and face towels ready for your guests to use as soon…

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Saving Space in Your Apartment

Living in a small apartment can be pretty frustrating. You own too much stuff and don’t have enough space to store it all! It took me a few years to finally discover solutions to the restrictions of living in a smaller space and I am here to share them with you! Check out my tips on how to find space…

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Best Apps to Virtually Design Your Space

We’ve all been there: We find a piece of art, decor or furniture we love but aren’t sure if it’ll work in our space. Well, amateur interior designers and professionals can now rejoice over the fact that there are countless of apps available to help us design and decorate our homes. These apps are not only perfect for those buying individual…

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5 Things You Need to Get Rid Of Right Out of College

The transition between college and the “real world” can be extremely difficult. It’s emotionally draining to go from being a college student to instant adulthood with actual responsibilities. It is a leap to dropping college habits and adapting more sophisticated ones. Part of the transition after college includes moving from a dorm/sorority house to your first real apartment. Make sure…

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