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3 Things You Must Get Rid Of ASAP

Everyone wants their space to be stylish and memorable, right? Most people think that you only need to add décor to create a space exactly to your liking. However, it’s also about getting rid of stuff! Tacky or cluttered décor can not only make a space feel dull but super uninviting as well. Make sure to get rid of these…

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How to Style the Perfect Entryway

Your entryway is the first part of your home people will see when they walk through your door. First impressions are always important which means you’ll want to create a statement. Here are a few tips and tricks as to how to do this (without breaking the bank!) The trick with an entryway is that you want to make it stylish yet functional. The…

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8 Must-Have Items For Your Bedroom

I believe that your bedroom is the most important room in your home. You spend 1/3rd of your life asleep which means you’re spending more than 1/3rd of your life in the bedroom. Below, I’ve compiled a list of the must-have items you should keep in your bedroom to keep it functional and comfortable! Dedicated spot for hair products: Keeping…

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Get Ready For Amazon Prime Day!

Amazon Prime day is just around the corner and it’s the perfect day to get all those items you’ve been obsessed with over the last few months. Amazon is the #1 site I order decor and home furnishings from. I count down the days to Amazon Prime day every year! It starts at 9pm ET on July 10th and runs…

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Don’t Listen to the Experts: You Can Keep a T.V. in Your Bedroom

Any sleep expert will tell you to not keep a T.V. in your bedroom. “Your bedroom is only for sleep and sex.” But I am going to refute that claim and say that it’s perfectly OK to keep a TV in your bedroom. Your bedroom should be a place of sanctuary: Somewhere you go to unwind and relax. Personally, my idea…

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