• Decorating for the Holidays in a Small Space

    Happy Saturday everyone! I normally don't post on the weekends but today is a very special occasion - I'm happy to announce I'm part of a holiday home tour with 5 others amazing bloggers. All Things ...

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    Decorating for the Holidays in a Small Space
  • I’m Moving

    Heads up - this is more of a personal post vs an educational one, so skip it if you don't want to be bored out of your mind! In the summer, 2018, I'll be finally moving into my own studio. Although ...

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    I’m Moving
  • Get the Boho-Glam Look

    I have been obsessed with the “boho glam” look lately. If I had the time (and money), I would completely redesign my apartment. I love the idea of mixing textures, textiles and fabrics – there are ...

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    Get the Boho-Glam Look
  • How to Style a Bar Cart: Updated

    Exactly 6 months ago, I wrote a post describing how to style a bar cart. Today, I am going to update this particular post. Why? Because styles evolve & mine certainly has over the last few months! ...

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    How to Style a Bar Cart: Updated
  • Chic Stocking Stuffers All Under $20

    It's mid-November and you know what that means... it's time for HOLIDAY SHOPPING! Whether you're in the market for stocking stuffers or just affordable gifts for your friends or family, this list will ...

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    Chic Stocking Stuffers All Under $20

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Don’t Listen to the Experts: You Can Keep a T.V. in Your Bedroom

Any sleep expert will tell you to not keep a T.V. in your bedroom. “Your bedroom is only for sleep and sex.” But I am going to refute that claim and say that it’s perfectly OK to keep a TV in your bedroom. Your bedroom should be a place of sanctuary: Somewhere you go to unwind and relax. Personally, my idea…

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How Often Should I Clean My Home?

Whether you’re living in a small apartment in the city or a large home out in the suburbs, cleaning is definitely going to be a part of your weekly routine. I’m sure there have been times whereby you’ve googled how often you should change your sheets or wondered when the right time is to clean your kitchen cabinets. I’ve created…

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How to Create a Feature Wall Just Using Tape

The first thing people ask me when walking into my home is, “how in the world are you allowed to put up wallpaper in a rented apartment?” They are always shocked when I tell them it’s fake! Below I’ll show you different options on how to create a feature wall in your rented space (that your landlord will 100% approve of!)…

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How to Transform Your Rented Apartment for Under $500

Many people feel hopeless decorating a rented apartment because there are many limitations as to what you can and cannot change. I’m here to tell you it’s 100% possible to turn a rented space into a home that reflects your personal style – AND on a budget! If you truly want to transform your space, you should begin with the…

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Small Updates to My Rented Kitchen

Happy Monday everyone! Just wanted to quickly share a couple of simple updates I added to my kitchen. I found this pair of cute gold frames at Homegoods for only $9.99. What a steal, right?! I inserted black & white flower art instead of photographs like it’s intended for. It was a simple piece that added so much character to…

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