How to Redecorate Your Space in Just 1 Day

There are a decent number of people who don’t go near the thought of trying to redecorate for two reasons: time & money. These same people think it takes weeks and weeks to create a substantial change in space. What they don’t know is that it actually only takes one day to create a transformation to home. Below are some tips on how to do this:

Add to your bases:

The bases of your home consist of large items such as large furniture and area rugs. Instead of just replacing your bases, add new depth to them. Get some new throw pillows for your couch, add another rug on top of the one you already have (layered rugs are super in style now) or buy a new throw to hang over the side of an accent chair. Just adding small, simple details like these can make a huge difference.


Switch out your decor:

This is where places like Target and Amazon Prime come in handy. You can easily and quickly switch out the decor on your coffee table or add new decorations to your shelves. Even getting new curtains for your windows can make a substantial change. These are all objectives you can accomplish within one day.


Change your surfaces:

Go to your local Home Depot or head to Amazon and buy some contact paper. Just placing contact paper over your kitchen counters or coffee table can make a world of difference. I completely renovated my kitchen in just one day using marble contact paper.



Incorporate new wall art:

Head to your local HomeGoods and buy 1-2 new pieces of art or wall decor. Place something new on an empty wall or change the art hanging above your bed.

Making these small, subtle changes will create a big impact on your space. I hope this post has been helpful and feel free to leave comments or questions below. All resources will be in the shop section.

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xo, Chelsey

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