How to Style a Bar Cart: Updated

Exactly 6 months ago, I wrote a post describing how to style a bar cart. Today, I am going to update this particular post. Why? Because styles evolve & mine certainly has over the last few months! Although this is a temporary styling of my bar cart (currently redesigning it), I figured I would still share these updated tips!

In my previous post, I noted that alcohol should primarily stay at the bottom and nice cocktail glasses should be placed on top. Even though nice glassware should be displayed on the top shelf, aesthetically pleasing alcohol bottles can also be displayed on the top shelf as well.

In addition to nice glassware, every chic bar cart should include a decanter, even if you don’t use one! This will add a classy, old-fashioned feel to the cart.

Another go-to item every bar cart should include is an ice bucket. It not only adds a feature to the piece; it is also super functional when hosting parties.

Cute straws and cocktail napkins are other must-haves. They can add a girly vibe and are very practical when having people over.

Additional handy items every bar cart should have include a shaker, beer opener and wine opener.

If you don’t have space for a “traditional” bar cart, trays can make great alternatives!


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