Should I Take My Shoes Off Inside My Apartment?

The bottom of your shoes are beyond filthy. They have over 400,000 different types of bacteria on them including toxins and E. coli. Although this fact basically proves you shouldn’t wear shoes in your home, it might not be so practical to ask everyone to take their shoes off, especially if you’re a young adult.

My roommate and I have guests all the time, whether it’s just to hang out or host a party. I don’t want to sound stereotypical, but I can guarantee the majority of millennials right out of college don’t care (or even think) about removing their shoes when they walk through a door. It is impractical to ask everyone to remove their shoes when they walk into your home, especially if you’re hosting a party. Yes, if possible, you should remove your shoes when home. However, if you chose not to, and don’t want to require your guests to, there are other ways to ensure that the yucky bacteria doesn’t stick around!

Disinfecting Hardwood or Tile: 

My favorite products to use are either the Lysol All-Purpose Cleaner or the Swiffer Wetjet with the antibacterial cleaner. If you live in a smaller confinement, I suggest getting the Swiffer Wetjet as it is compacts really well. I clean my tiles & hardwood floors at least one a week.


A few months ago, I made a post on the items you should and shouldn’t invest in when living in an apartment. One of the items I suggested you shouldn’t invest in is a rug. The reason being is that rugs get dirty very easily, especially when living in a smaller space. I spend no more than $60 on an area rug and switch it out about once a year. Rugs (and carpets) collect germs quickly, and unfortunately, it’s very difficult to remove those germs. About once a month, I will go over my rugs with Lysol Disinfectant spray. This won’t remove all the bacteria but it’s better than doing nothing. If you have the time and money, you could rent a professional steamer. The steam will remove 99% of germs in your carpet/rugs.


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