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The 5 Best Purchases I’ve Made to Save Space in my Small Apartment

Check out the five best purchases I’ve made to save space in my tiny apartment:

Live in a small apartment? These were the best purchases/ideas I’ve ever made to help save space. #organizationideas #organization #storageideas #storageideasforsmallspaces #storagesolutions #smalllivingroomideas #smallapartmentdecorating #smallapartmentideas

1. Expandable Shelf Riser

I can’t even count how many of these I have in my home. You’re truly wasting so much space if you don’t use these in your cabinets. I love the expandable ones because the height is adjustable based on what items need to be stored. These will always come in handy in your kitchen cabinets or under a sink!

2. Pot Rack

This item has completely transformed my kitchen. Not only does it make it look more “professional” (is that even a thing? Oh well, it is to me!), but it saves so much space within my cabinets. Also, the lazy girl in me loves that I don’t have to bend down to reach for my pans. If you get this for your kitchen, make sure to use wall anchors to install it or the weight of your pots/pans will allow the rack to fall.

3. Folding Table

Yes, I know I’ve talked about this five thousand times already, but get over it because I’m too passionate about it to let it go. A folding table is perfect for any dinners or parties you want to host in your home, as well as a temporary desk for you to work at. A folding table is simply a temporary surface space when you need it. The best part about a folding table is that it’s super easy to store away: either under a bed or in a closet.

4. Over-The-Sink Board

Lacking counter space in your kitchen? No problem! This board will allow you to use your sink area as extra space to work on. This will surely come in handy any time you need to cook or host a party in your home.

5. Flexible Under The Bed Storage Organizer

I love love love these because unlike hard storage containers, these are flexible and will mold to whatever is inside. Not only will they mold to whatever is inside, but they are easier to squeeze in a small space. I keep holiday and party decorations stored in these under my bed and in my closet.

Live in a small apartment? These were the best purchases/ideas I’ve ever made to help save space. #organizationideas

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xx, Chelsey

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  1. I have put tons of your ideas to work in my tiny apartment and now I am addicted!!! I am constantly changing my place and love implementing new ideas. Thanks for all the awesome tips!