The Biggest Mistake You’re Making When You Move

Hey everyone! Now that moving is on the horizon for me, I’ll be talking about the subject more often on the blog. We ALL have had to move at some point in our lives. Whether it’s moving to another home, from a college dorm, or to a new city, moving is always stressful!! From packing to unpacking, item breakage, fickle emotions and time constraints, the task of moving is always daunting. I can’t promise this blog post will make moving stress-free, but I can promise it will help relieve a bit of that stress when the time comes.

I am constantly hearing horror stories from people about moving companies. Whether it’s over charging or breaking valuable items, the stories are endless. The one thing I am always shocked at when hearing these stories is how people rarely read reviews of movers online. Most of the time, people will click on one of the first links that pop up on google (usually an ad), and immediately give them their money. This is a huge no-no!

Always read Yelp reviews before EVER giving someone or a company your money! 

I suggest thoroughly reading reviews of a company before making a decision on a moving company. Also make sure that the reviews you are reading are from real people. Sometimes, companies will pay for good reviews to bump up their rating (what a world we live in!).

Have you ever made this mistake when moving? Let me know down below!


  1. I always encourage people to do their own research on the company they wish to hire. As you said, there are many bad stories involving moving companies. A lot of people hire unreliable or cheap movers and end up having bad experiences. Very important to read reviews and look for reliable and reputable movers.

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