The Inspiration I Brought Back From Bali

Hi, everyone! Sorry for the wacky post schedule the last 2 weeks. I was on vacation and it was definitely harder to schedule/write posts than I thought! Lesson learned: schedule and write posts before going on vacation.

When I was in Bali, I came across SO much design inspiration. Anyone who follows me knows I’m not the biggest fan of color.. I mean, look at my apartment! I love neutrals and the pop of color here and there, or so I thought I did. Now that I’m back, I’ve become obsessed with greenery, wicker and antique gold accents. It’ll be interesting to see how I combine all of this new inspiration into my next home! (I’m moving this summer)…

I’m 100% incorporating this banana leaf print into my next space. Maybe as a shower curtain or feature wall in my living room? I love how organic the wood shelves look against it.

I would have taken ALL of those wicker baskets home if I could! I love the idea of a floor plant standing in one of them. I could also see myself layering some blankets and pillows in one during winter time. The possibilities are endless with a wicker basket. My goal is to find one that looks just like the ones in the photo. Etsy perhaps?

Everywhere I turned in Bali, there were countless instances of antique gold. I used to be more of a brassy girl, but this trip completely changed my mind on gold accents. I am sticking to the antique gold look in my next home!

Since we are already on the subject, I can’t get over all of the gold silverware I saw on my trip. I am definitely buying myself a gold set before I move!

I am definitely adding a floor plant (or two?) in my next home. I love how much life they bring to a space.


If you want to get more details about my trip, check out this short video I made highlighting my favorite moments:

And there you have it! Those were my favorite pieces of inspiration from my trip. Have you ever been to Bali? Or Southeast Asia?

Xo, Chelsey

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