The One Crucial Place You’re Not Utilizing for Storage

Most of you who read my blog live in smaller spaces (like me) and are in need of a total storage u-haul. Many of us struggle to find usable space to store our clothes, decorations, utilities, and any other miscellaneous items we have.

Luckily, there’s a solution (to some of your storage issues) that you’ve probably never thought of before.

Have you ever thought of storing items behind furniture? Almost every large piece of furniture in my apartment has items behind or under it. For example, I store extra extension cords behind the leaning mirror in my living room. I also store artwork and camera accessories on the side of the couch in my living room.

When living in a smaller home, you have to get creative with how you utilize the space. It may not be the most convenient solution, but it definitely beats having clutter everywhere!

I know I discussed this previously in an article about bedroom storage, but it’s essential to utilize the space behind curtains. You’d be surprised at how many items you can actually store from this!

Do any of you do this in your small space? If not, are you going to try this method in your home? Let me know down below!

xx Chelsey

Live in a small apartment? Struggle with finding enough storage? This is one place you�re definitely not utilizing for storage, but should!

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  1. I like those ‘space-saver’ storage bags the ones that you suck the air out of with your vacuum cleaner. Winter clothes, linen, blankets, cushions, pillows & throws can all have the life sucked out of them and plugged up to easily store under you bed or any nook or cranny that you have left. These vacuum storage bags are great. I love them because you can fit soooo much into them.