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These Are the Removable Products You Need to Know About

Hey fellow renters! How is it almost 2020? Actually, a better question is, how did it just go from 90 degrees to 20 overnight?! It is frigid in New York ❄️

Now that it’s officially winter, I have a feeling most of us are going to be spending a LOT of time indoors. Time spent indoors means … time for home projects! Who doesn’t love a good before/after makeover? Below are some removable products you can use in your rental space to create an amazing DIY:

Peel & Stick Wallpaper

Peel & Stick Wallpaper is a great option for tenants who are tired of plain ol’ painted walls. Peel & stick wallpaper is usually cheaper than regular wallpaper AND it’s super easy to install and to remove.

Peel & Stick Backplash 

Dreamed of a marble kitchen but can’t renovate? Well, now you can have one! This is a great product for renters as it’s easy to install and even easier to remove.

Contact Paper

Contact paper is a fabulous removable way to cover up ugly countertops or spruce-up existing furniture. Make sure to prime your surfaces first AND have some Goo Gone on-hand when you’re ready for removal.

Peel & Stick Floor Tile

Ugly floors? No problem! You can cover up your ugly tile with some peel & stick faux title! It’s removable, chic AND budget-friendly. What more could you ask for?

Temporary Hooks

Don’t want to nail into your walls? Removable hooks allow you to add a chic element to your walls without damage. These brass hooks from Command are one of my favorite options!

Did you know that these removable products existed? Will you be trying this out in your home? Let me know down below!

If you live in a NYC rental apartment and struggle decorating your home, you need to know about these removable products. From wallpaper, to flooring and backsplashes, these items will blog you away!

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