Wall Decals That Will Make Your Space Stand Out

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I just added a beautiful peony wall decal to my living room. I wanted to incorporate something unique into the space, without having to spend tons of money.

I am moving in a few months and wanted to make sure whatever I incorporated was budget-friendly and easy to install. After researching a few ideas, I came across this stunning decal on Amazon. I immediately clicked the order button. Wall decals are so in style right now as they are budget-friendly and easier to apply than removable wallpaper.

This new feature in my living room inspired me to look into other chic wall decals which I’ve listed below.

Simple Shapes Peony Flowers Wall Sticker

Gold Gray Geometric Wall Decal

Chromantics Tropical Wall Sticker

Simple Shapes Floral Wall Sticker

Gold Simple Shapes Palm Leaves Wall Decal

Simple Shapes Blush Peony Wall Sticker

Live in a small or rented home? Make your walls stand out from the rest with removable wall decals. The best part? They are also budget friendly! #walldecor #studioapartment #studioapartmentideas #studioapartmentdecorating #decoratingideas #decoratingideasforapartments

Would you try out wall decals in your home? Let me know down below!

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