Why You Need a Sofa Cover in Your Small Apartment

One of the best investments I’ve made for my apartment is my SureFit sofa cover. Not only can it completely change the look and feel of your couch, but it also keeps it cleaner and “newer” for longer.

Although I was gifted this product, these thoughts are my own


My dog drags in all kinds of mess from the outside and like many other pups, likes to drag that mess onto the sofa.

My SureFit sofa cover (this is the one I chose) is SO easy to clean as I can just pop it right into my washer. They also have so many different styles and colors available so if I ever wanted to change the aesthetic of my sofa, I could easily do it within minutes.

The fabric choices are endless and the textures are so soft and comfortable. I chose a ruffled bottom to add a grandma-chic feel and kept the color white to make my space feel larger and brighter.

Basically, you need one of these bad boys if you 1. have a pet or 2. want to change the aesthetic of your sofa or living space.

Will you be trying out a sofa cover in your home? Let me know down below! xo

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