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You Need These Renter-Friendly Acrylic Prints

Although I brought many aspects from my old home to my new apartment, I wanted to add some new (old🤪) elements that reflected the historical side of my work. 

As many of you know, genealogy and returning lost heirlooms to families is my soul’s purpose. Likewise, interior design is still a passion. I wanted this apartment to be a metaphor for my work; Mixing my love of interiors, history, and genealogy. I wanted to parallel the old and antique with modern and evergreen. 

This time around, I experimented with mixing straight lines and vintage aesthetics. 

Since I still live in a rental, I want to hang modern art without needing to use a nail or damaging adhesive. That’s when I discovered Nest Effects. Nest Effects is a new brand that provides easy and affordable custom home décor.

Their premium acrylic prints were just what I was looking for. I was looking for something where I could upload my photos or digital art from my phone or computer and choose from almost every size imaginable. 

Additionally, you can order individual prints or choose from one of the pre-designed gallery wall layouts.

Here are the sizes: (and YES, they have ROUND!!!)

  • Rectangle
    • Small: 7.5″ by 5″ or 7.5” by 6”
    • Medium: 11″ by 7.3″ or 11″ by 8.8″
    • Large: 16” by 10.6” or 16” by 12.8”
    • Extra Large: 23” by 15.3” or 23” by 18.4”
  • Square
    • Small: 7.5″ by 7.5″
    • Medium: 11″ by 11″
    • Large: 16″ by 16″
    • Extra Large: 23″ by 23″
  • Round
    • Small: 7.5” diameter
    • Medium: 11″ diameter
    • Medium: 11″ diameter
    • Extra Large: 23″ diameter

When they delivered my acrylic prints, all I needed to do was unwrap, peel the back off the adhesive, and *BAM* – I had a gallery wall in minutes. They also provide you with a hanging tool – It allows you to level your first photo and hang the rest of your prints from there. No measuring and NO crooked photos.

Speaking of adhesive, it also leaves no residue, AND you can move, reuse, and reconfigure. 

I am planning on adding some of these acrylic photos to my living room once the rest of my furniture is delivered … which might be never at this point 😂

Use my coupon code “CITYNEST” for 20% off your first order! Plus, get free shipping over $50  😍

xx Chelsey

Renter-friendly art acrylic prints frames

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