3 Things You Must Get Rid Of ASAP

Everyone wants their space to be stylish and memorable, right? Most people think that you only need to add décor to create a space exactly to your liking. However, it’s also about getting rid of stuff! Tacky or cluttered décor can not only make a space feel dull but super uninviting as well. Make sure to get rid of these three things if you want your home to start feeling fresh and chic:

Too many picture frames: It’s ok to keep sentimental photos out on a console table or étagère, but don’t overdo it.  If there are some family photos you just don’t want to put away, make a gallery feature wall somewhere in your home. If you’re trying to fill up space on a table or shelf, books or small pieces of décor are a great alternative to picture frames.

Quotes as decor: Personally, I do not care for quotes as décor. I cringe every time I see a “Live, laugh, love” sign hanging in someone’s home or an “Eat” sign in a kitchen.  If you’re in college, sure, you can use cheesy quotes as decoration. However, once you have a career and your first real home, get rid of them ASAP. Nothing says tacky more than quotes.

Posters: Take down your posters! If there’s a poster you feel sentimentally attached to, then spend the money to get it framed. Keeping any photography or art on your walls without a frame can make your space feel more child-like rather than adult-like.


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