5 Tips for Shopping for Home Decor and Furniture in The City

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I think we all can agree that living in a city is awesome when you’re in your 20’s. I can’t imagine being anywhere else besides Manhattan at this point in my life. Although there are many positives to settling down in a metropolitan area, there are downsides as well. One of which is not being able to drive to a store. This makes shopping a little more difficult and, for sure, a great deal less enjoyable. Over the last two years, I’ve compiled a list of my most helpful tips to help city-goers shop with ease. Check out these tips below and let me know if you have any you’d like to share!

  1. Bring a tote bag.

Always bring an empty tote bag with you when you shop. This is a lifesaver when shopping for smaller items.  Carrying multiple plastic bags is a drag.


  1. Use an empty suitcase.

Bring a large, empty suitcase if you know you’re going to be shopping for a lot of things. This ensures that you’re not shlepping too many items over your shoulders/ arms. It’s also extremely easy to get on and off the subway with 1 suitcase versus 5 large bags!

  1. Shop at the right times.

You should make sure you’re shopping at the right time to get most out of the stock. Don’t let another city-goer snatch an item before you! If you have to shop on the weekends, I suggest going as soon as the stores open. Check out my post on shopping at discount home stores here.

  1. Always ask for a long handle.

If you’re carrying out just one large bag full items, it’s going to be uncomfortable walking while schlepping this heavy plastic bag on your arm. Ask the person checking you out to attach a long handle to your bag so you can easily carry it over your shoulder. The handles are usually created by just using another plastic bag. And remember to double bag heavy items!

  1. Take advantage of same day deliveries.

In New York City, stores like Bed Bath & Beyond and HomeGoods will offer same day delivery for a very low price. Sometimes it’s worth spending the extra money to avoid the hassle of carrying items. In terms of buying furniture, it’s better to have the company deliver the item versus trying to fit it in an uber/ cab and the annoyance of getting it up to your apartment.

And there you have it! Hope you enjoyed this post and feel free to leave comments or questions below. All resources will be in the shop section.

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xo, Chelsey

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  1. Thanks for the great tips about what to do when shopping decor from the city! I’m pretty sure my wife would love these tips since she tends to go on decor shopping sprees. I’d be sure to relay your tip on bringing a large, empty suitcase in times she’ll shop for a lot of things. That should help her maintain proper posture, take fewer pieces of baggage, and ease the burden of carrying the items. We should have had thought of that idea way back when.

    1. Thank you, Jeremy! Yes, the suitcase tip will definitely help her posture. It’s amazing how much harm you can do to your body just by shlepping bags on your arms / shoulders.

  2. After we moved into a new home, my fiance and I started looking into home decor for sale. We want any tips that we can get to get the best deals possible or any tips in general. We will be sure to always ask for the long handle.

  3. My sister moved to a new apartment and it’s still empty because it will be her first time to live independently. You mentioned here that it will be to her advantage if she will bring a tote bag when shopping for home decors. Furthermore, when looking for home decors accents it will be better to shop at the right time.