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Blush Rental Kitchen Makeover for $30

Tada! Here is my current kitchen reveal. Why am I saying “current”? Well, that’s because I’m probably going to revamp the entire kitchen again in a few months. I did this transformation so 1. I wouldn’t hate cooking in my kitchen and 2. I hated walking into my apartment every day and seeing dark countertops.


The main transformation is obviously the countertops and backsplash which I DIY’d with a beautiful blush contact paper for $30. And yes, I know I have ZERO counter space. That was something I gave up when choosing this apartment. HOWEVER, I’m adding a folding table to this wall here to use as extra surface space. Once it’s installed, I’ll have more counter space than I did in my last apartment!

Because of limited kitchen storage, I added some hooks next to my stove for a pot and pan that I can easily grab whenever needed. Right now, my pots and pans are stored in my sideboard in the living room, and I didn’t want to run back and forth every time I needed to cook.

I think my favorite part of my kitchen is my coffee area. This was a must-have in my kitchen and I am beyond happy with the machine I picked out. I also keep my dog’s food out on the table in cute jars since 1. There’s not enough cabinet space for his food and 2. I feed him multiple times a day anyway so it just makes sense to leave it out on the counter!

This fun utensil holder is actually supposed to be a plant pot … but I wanted a fun statement piece in the kitchen and knew this was going to be it. I also love how many spatulas it can hold! (For those who don’t already know, I cook A LOT)

Finally, I added an intense bouquet of flowers next to the fridge. Having my kitchen also be my entryway is not very pleasing to the eye; so having some pretty flowers to look at when entering the front of my apartment was a necessity. It also makes the view from the living room a bit better!


So, do you all like the kitchen reveal??

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