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Do you wake up every morning to a cluttered dresser where you can’t find any of the products you need to get ready with? The key to this is one word: Organization!





1. You need to keep dedicated spaces for your everyday products

Dedicate a box or dresser drawer to only hair supplies and find space somewhere in your room for just your lotions. For example, I keep all my lotions and facial creams in the cabinet that’s under my T.V (I will create a separate post on how to organize all of your skin products, toiletries, etc..) Acrylic makeup organizers, like the ones on my dresser, not only are functional but are stylish as well. You can buy these organizers at low-cost from discount furniture stores or even dollar stores.

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Adding a small, glass tray to the top of your dresser is not only a perfect solution to organize your perfume & jewelry, but it also acts as a stylish way to show those items off.

2. Style it with more than just a mirror

Now that your dresser is decluttered, it’s time to start talking about styling it. My first suggestion is to add 1-2 pieces of décor to the top of your dresser, whether it be a candle, picture frame, or small item of decor. You want this piece of furniture to not just be functional, but stylish as well. Make sure to find pieces that complement the colors of your bedroom: For example, because the main colors in my room are whites, tans, and grays, I went with a stack of books, fun lamp, and cherry branches.

3. Don’t forget the hardware

My second suggestion to add some dimension to your dresser is to change the hardware. Not only is it such an easy thing to do, but it can completely change the look of your piece of furniture. Head over to your local hardware store and find some cute pieces of hardware that catch your eye.



In summary, the organization is key to keeping your dresser neat and stress-free. 

Xo, Chelsey

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