How to Decorate Your Kitchen Countertop

Aside from changing the hardware and covering your countertop in contact paper, what else can you do to “glamify” your rented kitchen?

You can make a significant impact to your rented kitchen by just decorating and organizing your countertop. Yes, you heard me right! It’s amazing how much of a transformation you can make just by adding decor and rearranging your surfaces. Here are some tips on creating a chic look in this hard-to-decorate space:

Display chic cutting boards.

Whether you own or rent, every kitchen should have at least one chic cutting board displayed. My favorite places to shop for cutting boards are H&M and Amazon.

Display trendy kitchen appliances

Whether this is a white coffee maker or pink electric mixer, your appliances can make or break the feel in your kitchen. Most people stick with the usual black appliances, however, switching it up can create a stunning visual impact! I bought a white Keurig for my next apartment and I’m overly excited to use it!

Utilize cute organizers.

Need a dedicated spot for your utensils? Buy a chic container to store them all in. Need a bowl to store your fruits in? Buy a cute one that matches the athletic of your kitchen.

Incorporate leaning art.

If you have the space, instead of just hanging artwork on the walls, you should lean smaller pieces of artwork on your countertop. It’ll be a chic statement that none of your other friends will have in their space!

Add a vase of flowers.

If I could choose only one decorative item for the kitchen, it would have to be a vase of flowers. They are a great way to add a pop of color in a mostly neutral space! Don’t worry about buying new flowers every week – Faux flowers will work perfectly fine!




Are you going to try any of these tips in your kitchen? Let me know down below!

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