6 Ways to Decorate With Books

If someone had to ask me my favorite staple piece of decor, it would definitely be a book. No home is complete without a good set of “coffee table books.” Many people have the illusion that books are meant for just coffee tables and bookshelves; however, they can also be displayed in SO MANY different ways.

Check out my how-to tips below on the different ways you can style with them:

Displaying books under decor:

This is one of my favorite design tips. Take a stack of two to three books and place them under a piece of decor. This works great on furniture such as console tables and bar carts.

Showcase books on an etagere: 

Buy an etagere and display 1-2 of your favorite works. I usually like to display books that complement the rest of my interior. For example, I showcased a black book with gold & white accents on the cover.

Featuring a book on a book stand: 

A book display is a perfect way to showcase your favorite book (or favorite pages!) It’s modern, classic, and a definite conversation starter.

Stacking books under a lamp:

Give your lamp some extra height and glam by layering a few books underneath.

Layering books on the floor:

This is one of my favorite ways to display books as it’s so unique and a great way to turn a bland floor into a decorative accent. You can layer as many as you want either vertically or horizontally!

Stacking books on a chair: 

Quirky- but so cute. If you have a char that isn’t used often, turn it into a feature statement by stacking some books on the seat and adding a chic vase on top!


When buying books to display, it’s important that you not only think about the topic but the aesthetic as well. Try to choose books that match the interior of the space you’re placing them in.

xx, Chelsey

 There are more ways to style and decorate with books than just displaying them on your coffee table. Here are some ways you can style the books you love.

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