How to Quickly Clean Acrylic With Just Soap & Water ||VLOG||

Happy Monday everyone! Anyone who follows me knows I absolutely love acrylic, especially acrylic organizers. The only issue with having acrylic decor and furniture is that they become dirty and foggy easily. I’m here to show you my fool-proof method to quickly cleaning acrylic products. You can use this method not only for acrylic decor but acrylic furniture as well. I hope this tutorial is helpful and please feel free to leave questions or comments below if you have them!

How to clean acrylic with just soap and water:
What you’ll need:
Spray bottle with 1 cup water + 1 tsp soap

1. Remove any debris or objects on acrylic product.
2. Spray soap mixture on acrylic and wipe down with dry microfiber cloth.
3. Dampen second microfiber cloth with just water and wipe down acrylic again.
4. Go back over acrylic with a completely dry microfiber cloth.


xo, Chelsey

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