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Super Unique Ways to Update Your Space

Do you ever find yourself wondering what else you can do to switch things up in your home?? I can’t begin to explain how many hours I’ve spent on Pinterest just trying to come up with new, out-of-the-box ideas. Well, today, I have some AMAZING recs on how you can uniquely switch things up in your own space. And let me tell you, these ideas will make any guest who walks into your home say, “OMG.”


1. Incorporate estate sale finds

Don’t underestimate what you can find at an estate sale. Some of my favorite items in my home came from estate sales where I paid 1/10th of the actual price it should have cost. The best part about estate sales is that the items you find will be SO unique and different from what everyone else will have. I bought my favorite vase from an estate sale and it’s by far one of the coolest accents I have in my apartment.

2. Make an LED mirror

THIS. THIS tip right here is SO easy and SO budget-friendly. All you need to do is purchase some LED strips from Amazon and place it behind whatever leaning mirror you have in your home. Ta-da! You have a SICK accent piece that everyone will comment on when they walk into your home.

3. Add a dowel statement to your wall

Adding dowels to your wall, whether foam or wood, can create SUCH a statement with barely any effort. In the photo above, I used wood and nails to create the feature. In the main photo at the top (with the neon sign) I used foam dowels and painted them. I’ll make a more in-depth tutorial soon!

4. Mix textures and patterns

Whether your mixing boucle and velvet or fawn and birds, just … DO IT! Mixing patterns has always been a sore subject among traditional designers, however, we live in a different era now where people are taking bolder chances in their spaces.

5. Add a neon sign

As much as I dislike quote decor in a home, I actually think neon signs are SUCH a statement and always a cool accent to have. Just please don’t get, “live, laugh,love.” I got my neon sign from TheNeonStudio and they did SUCH AN AMAZING JOB! Here is a link to their main website: https://www.neonstudio.co/

6. Decorate your chairs

Is there a chair in your living space that you barely use? Stack some books over it with some decor on top. I know this sounds kinda weird … but it’s actually such a fun way to show of your personality in a smaller room! It’s also a fun conversation starter 🙂

7. Add human-inspired decor

Whether it’s a vase that looks like a face or decor that is shaped like a hand, human-inspired accents are great ways to incorporate a small bit of quirkiness into your home.


And there you have it! Easy tips for adding a little *spice* to your home. Will you be trying out any of these tips in your space?

xx, Chelsey

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous! Would you mind sharing where you got the neon sign(s)? There are so many options, especially on Etsy, I would love a recommendation.