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This Simple Trick Will Add Depth & Character to Your Small Space

Hi, everyone! What a week it has been …

Has anyone else been crazy busy? Is it because the end of the year is coming to a close soon? There’s so much work to finish in so little time! From client homes to [special] projects, there just aren’t enough hours in the day ?

I’ve noticed a “habit” I’ve been recently incorporating into client homes that I want to share with you today. It’s a simple trick to not only make a space feel more modern but also give it 10x more character.

(dramatic pause …)

All it is is layering rugs. Now, what does layering rugs have anything to do with a smaller home? Well, let me explain it to you:

It’s common knowledge that there’s only so much we can do in a smaller, rental space. We can decorate the walls, add decor and place furniture in strategic ways. However, what about the floors? The floor area is something most people neglect to think about when decorating a space. More often than not, I walk into a home with a wrong-sized rug and NO decor on the floor. *Shocking*

Baylee Deyon Design

First off, make sure to buy the RIGHT SIZED RUG for your home. It should be a few inches wider than your sofa or bed. That is a rule that can NEVER be broken. Next, layer a smaller rug over the larger one. You can even triple layer if you really want to make a statement! Layering your rugs will give your home a special uniqueness that no other home will have. Most importantly, your smaller space won’t feel cluttered.


Is this something you might try out in your smaller home? Let me know down below!

xo, Chelsey

Live in a small apartment? Want to add more character and personality? This trick will make your space feel chic and unique! #rentalhomedecoratingdiy #smalllivingroomideas #smallapartmentdecorating #smallapartmentideas

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