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Three Tips on How to Chic-Up Your Closet

A closet is something we all have in our home. As someone who’s completely and utterly indecisive,  I’m always running back and forth between my closet and dresser, trying on clothes until the outfit feels right. Because of this, my closet door is open 99.9% of the time. If you also keep your closet open most of the time, then it should appear just as organized and chic as the rest of your home. Here are my three tips on how to keep your closet looking glam and amazing:

1. Use the Same Hangers

This is so crucial. Not only should you use hangers of the same material but they should be the same color as well. I recommend velvet hangers because of the friction. I dislike plastic hangers because clothes are guaranteed to slip off on them! I stuck to black hangers just because most of my clothes are black and I wanted everything to match. If you have a colorful closet, I suggest tan or black hangers!

2. Add a Rug 

Just adding a small, chic rug outside of your closet can make the world of difference. Not only does it glam up your space but your feet will be nice and warm while trying on clothes!

3. Display Your Favorite Shoes and Hats

Show your stuff off! I added a cute, small shelving unit outside of my closet to display the shoes that wouldn’t fit inside of my closet. It barely took up space AND added so much depth to the area. In addition, I added a few command hooks above it to displace my favorite hats, scarves and purses. It added a great combination of functionality AND design!

An extra tip is to continually clean out your closet every 6 months and dispose of those clothes you just don’t wear anymore. Not only does this give you more space in your closet but it also gives you a reason to go shopping!


And there you have it! I hope this post has been helpful and feel free to leave any questions or comments below. All resources will be posted in the shop section.

xo, Chelsey

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